About Our Company

A Company driven to Excellence.

Sin Lian Seng has over 30 years in domestic and international global trading and customizing high quality of Bolts and Nuts for a major range of industries. We hire professional engineer in producing a quality service to their request and their requirement.

Excellent Service

With our excellent services on pricing and delivery to everywhere in the world we have gain the quality service reputation in both our domestic and international market.

Growth Prospect

Through these years our commitment and our reliable service with our clientele and with this years of our trust, loyalty and able to meet our client requirement, we have non stop to continuous to improve our service and our product standard. We Will not compromise on our customer request on time delivery and pricing for our products and we will ensure our commitment is met.

Corporate Profile

Sin Lian Seng has been over 30 years of experience in Bolts & Nuts in the local and overseas market. We Work with our customer specific requirement and we deliver a high standard of services for our domestic and international clientele.


With this over 30 years of service, we have never fail our commitment and with our reliable and trustworthy services we gain our reputation. We will non stop carry out our professional service and ensure our clientele are always satisfy with us.